I have had the privilege to create my own work, collaborate on movement visions and dance for talented artists.

Choreography by Candace Tabbs

Concept Video for “Settle Down” by Kimbra (2017):

Bursting- work-in-process, choreography by Candace Tabbs (2017):

Concept and Movement by Candace Tabbs on her visit to Pompeii, Italy (2016):

A piece I created with dancers from Barnard College entitled To the Tdot or Say What Now? (2011):

Candace Tabbs in performance

Choreography by Jamie J for Carnival NYC’s 10th Anniversary show:

Choreography by Janine Micheletti for Street Spectrum Performance Showcase:

A collaboration between myself and Joya Powell, Artistic Director of Movement of the People Dance Company on a solo section of an evening length work entitled Her Veiled Reflections:

Ultra smooth LoFi artist Miss Al Boogie’s music video for her single No.1:


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