Sugar Addict Chronicles: The Update

It has been quite a while since I last updated The Sugar Addict Chronicles. It has definitely been and continues to be a journey in finding the right diet- food choices and nutritional timing- for me and my active lifestyle. As I have shared, it is so easy to grab that granola bar, pour a bowl of cereal, and sneak that decadent cookie (Oh, Westside Market, how I love your giant peanut butter and chocolate cookies)  all before noon. And unfortunately some of those habits have not quite died. But as we approach the new year, I thought it fitting to reflect on some habits that have helped me and my sugar crush.

1. Spice Up Your Breakfast 

egg tart

It is so easy and comfortable for me to revert to the muffins, cereal, and sweets treats in the morning especially when I’m in a rush. But I have found a new favorite breakfast, that packs a big punch: The Egg Tart! Inspired by a friend’s recipe, I created this simple dish with a prepared pie crust, egg whites, spinach, mushroom, onion. I add some garlic, parsley, and additional spices that fit my fancy in the moment. I make it the day or night before and pop it in the microwave when I’m ready to eat. (This is my first tart pictured above :))

2. Don’t Deny Your Sweet Tooth

sweet tooth

There are many posts and informational blogs about going cold turkey and completely eliminating processed and refined sugars from your diet. And that is an important step to work toward. However,  sometimes you need something sweet. That’s where smart sweets come in. Having juicy, ready to eat fruits like apples, pears, peaches, anything in season really, is my go to. I am a sucker for peanut butter, so adding a little peanut butter to my apple slices or bananas makes a tasty and complete anytime snack.

3. Notice When And Why You Snack


I love a good snack when I’m watching TV. But unfortunately mindless snacking leads to mindless calorie consumption and for me, excess sugar intake. Also since I am trying to cook more, I find myself munching while I prepare my meals. So what am I working on? The two dreaded words for any snacker: portion control. I am now measuring my snacks with measuring cups and making my own snacks and trail mixes and opting for almonds and cashews while I cook. I have also noticed that keeping a glass of water on hand is helpful because sometimes we think we are hungry when we are really thirsty.


What are somethings you do to crush your sugar crush?



So I KNOW I am technically on week 3 of the chronicles and I have some catching up to do, but such is life. Making a point to write is another habit I need to train. (#workinprogress)
Here’s my update from Week 2:

Last week was pretty successful. I kept up with my lemon juice morning cleanse and not eating sweets before noon. I am liking the lemon juice in the morning regime. And it doesn’t hurt that I am still reading posts about the benefits of warm lemon water, especially in the morning.

On top of that awesome, I had another successful church service where I was awake the WHOLE time! I know you may be shaking your head, but #thestrugglewasREAL. It means a lot when you are like me and going, going, going all day/every day and the moment you have time to sit, you aren’t fully present in the moment. So kudos to me (but not literally, of course).

The challenge last week was to stop eating sweet things after 9pm. That was a challenge on a couple of occasions with holiday parties and evening work meetings. But I am not beating myself up over the days I slipped; it’s a journey, there will be bumps in the road.

This week I am:
Continuing with my past week’s goals and adding more emphasis on stopping sweets after 9pm to hone in on the habit.


Until next time…


This post is about three days old, but I don’t mind. Better late than never. This series of posts has been a long time coming. And I am glad that I am starting to talk about it now. I have a lot of healthy life ahead of me and it starts with a single choice…

So I’ve always know that my sweet tooth is more like my sweet…every. tooth. in. my. mouth. So it was only a matter of time before my sweet tooth odyssey came to ahead. Being in fitness, one might expect that my diet is the picture of perfection. But in reality I get DOWN with the sweet treats… A lot.


Having worked with nutritionists in the past and doing my own research about food, I know your body reacts to everything you put in it. So why was I still gobbling down granola bars and cookies and sneaking mini candies even though I know I would crash HARD! in a matter of minutes? Because I needed to crunch, to chew and get my sugar fix. But with every indulgence I was compromising my body.

After spending yet another church service doing the annoying major head knock back because I’ve fallen asleep and after hoping the prayer would go on a little longer so I could keep my eyes closed a little longer, I knew change needed to happen… NOW.


One of the major factors for me craving sugar is that I am looking for something sweeter that what I am currently eating. (No, not every meal must end with something sweet… Really?) I need to re-train my taste buds to enjoy other flavors. I know training your pallet to be a true practice because two years ago I embarked on a three day juice cleanse. (Don’t knock it until you try it… unless your physician advises you otherwise) It was physically and mentally challenging (I caught a cold right before and you know, I have that thing about needing to chew and crunch). But it was worth it. On top of feeling lighter and cleaner on the inside. I don’t crave all the sugary stuff, I was motivated to put good food in my body, to continue the work I did over the three days. The only problem, that good feeling didn’t last long. Soon enough I was back to old habits; back to the cookies and morning “on the go bar” crashes.

So here is where I start my low sugar journey (maybe I’ll get to sugar free… But let’s be real.)

Thirty days will a habit make, or so they say. So to make low sugar life a habit, every week I will make small changes towards my goal.

What I hope to gain:

1. More energy, especially in the morning.
2. More healthy, easy to prepare snacks to grab
3. A cleaner feeling inside and out

This week’s changes:

  1. Avoid added sugar before 12pm
  2. Start each day with a glass of lemon water. I read recently how good lemon is for your digestion, metabolism and GI tract. And drinking room temperature water in the morning is easier to absorb than ice cold water (the body doesn’t have to go through the trouble of warming the water to hydrate the cells). And after doing it this for the past four mornings, I have a refreshed taste in my mouth, a taste I don’t immediately want to spoil with sweet things (baby steps!)

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and let you know my changes and charges for next week!

What small changes are you making to make room for a better healthier you?

Why I teach

So the other day I was speaking to a perspective fitness client who made an interesting comment: “I want an instructor to workout with me; I want to know that the trainer is in as good or better shape than I am.”

To that I responded that my focus as a trainer is not on working out but ensuring that all clients in my class are working safely and effectively; meaning I’ll have to step out of the workout to watch for correct form and functional movement. And I think a good rule of thumb for instructors is not to teach what you cannot do. So don’t worry, I can keep up 😉groupclass

That got me thinking, how many people looking to get or stay fit are expecting trainers and instructors to participate fully in the classes they teach?

For me, it’s pretty simple. I’m teaching a class to give YOU the best workout possible, to make sure YOU are getting the results you want and to push YOU to perform your best. I’m not trying to get a workout in to which twenty people just happen to be following along. That is neither a teacher nor fitness professional.

To be a fitness instructor/ trainer you must have the best of many worlds: the public speaking of an orator; knowledge of the body of a doctor; the sensitivity and care of a psychologist; and the energy and enthusiasm of Richard Simmons. richard simmons

How can I be all of those things in my classes if I am busy focusing on my own breathing, form and intensity level? I can’t.


I teach because I love seeing people put themselves and their health first; I love being a part of people’s healthy lifestyle; I love sharing my energy and love for movement. So I hope you appreciate your teachers who are looking to help you, motivate you, and see you for who you are. And I hope I am becoming that teacher with each and every class.

Your turn!
What do you love most about your favorite instructor?
What makes a great fitness instructor?

Rule of Life #73: Don’t Do Anything You Don’t Want To Do…

In this land of having to be seen doing the most, and being a “go-getter,” I’d like to impart a little something I learned about being successful (read: happy). It’s pretty simple, really; don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Living in the wake of video music award show performance disasters intended to shock and awe (…and disrespect and dehumanize, but I digress), I wonder if we have lost our sense of self-advocacy.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in getting ahead that we don’t remain true to ourselves. Whether that’s skipping that class where agents are scouting in order to take care of yourself and your body, or saying thanks but no thanks to any number of situations, not doing is just as important as doing. The person you live with today is the same person you must live with tomorrow. The only thing that separates the two is the choices you make. It is your choice to listen to people who want to bring you down; it is your choice to run from what makes you happy; and it is your choice to live for yourself. I am learning to choose wisely.


But let’s not get too carried away with our not doing, though. Putting in the time, effort, and hard work, when you could be lying on the couch drinking fruit punch (why fruit punch, you ask? I don’t know) separates you from the things you want and the things you achieve. Sometimes getting closer to your goals means sacrificing a little of your sleep, time with friends, treats for yourself. But it should be worth it if your goals are worth it. Success is fulfilling your purpose in a manner that upholds your dignity and individuality.

May you find success in your own way, for yourself.